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Love, Lust & The Last Resort

Love, Lust & The Last Resort dog ears a chapter of a young writer's transition into manhood. This collection of poems and stories take readers on an exploration of passion and the uncontrollable misunderstandings that come with falling in love. With genuine honesty and vivid detail, McNamee puts into words what he could not speak creating a time capsule of the most formative decade of his life. It chronicles the search for affection in a time surrounded by self discovery and bewilderment. From his teenage years to late twenties, from first love to first regret, he documents his struggles and hopes for happiness all the while battling the realization that dreams and ambitions, for both romance and life, are sometimes just that.



First Edition

Genres: Fiction, Poetry, Prose

Paperback: 82 pages

Printed in Canada

Love, Lust & The Last Resort

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