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Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia


Photo of Chris McNamee by Melissa Joy Murray

I'd love to thank all of these cats for their support & love:

My folks Brian and Patty McNamee, Leroy, Diana Ross,
Melissa Joy Murray, Norma Graves & Robert Spree.

All my Che family; Aaron Gurman, Scott McDonald, Perry Phommisai, Sarah Borycki, Nav & every dancer and party animal from No Standards Night.

My editors; Joshua Holt, Janet Marie Rogers, Dr. Nilofar Shidmehr, Pasha Malla & Jaclyn Rose Desforges.

Monique Doepel of James Street Bookseller

Sean William O'Neill Photography

The Cootes Paradise Writers Group

The Laundry Design Works

Start Famous Screen Printing

The Hamilton Public Library

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