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Writer & Photographer

Chris McNamee

Chris McNamee

Chris McNamee is a writer of prose, poetry and flash fiction. He is a travel photographer and the author of Love, Lust & The Last Resort, living in Hamilton, Ontario. Currently he is working on his new collection, Wherever Found.

Praise for Chris McNamee :

There is a lot of heart here, and a lot of what I like to laud as authentic and heartfelt. [McNamee] uses no gimmicks, but tells a story from as honest a place as he can.

Robin Richardson
Author, Sit How You Sit
Winner of the Trillium Book Award for Poetry



[McNamee] writes well and vividly.

Lots to like here.

Pasha Malla

Author, The Withdrawal Method

Winner of the Danuta Gleed Literary Award, the Trillium Book Prize,

Arthur Ellis Award

Fabulous, erotic, confessional.

Janet Rogers

Author, Poems from Peace in Duress

Nominated for Best Spoken Word Recording at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards, the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards and the Native American Music Awards

Praise for “Love, Lust & The Last Resort” :

His debut collection of poetry and prose tackles loss and lust, but mostly love. With lines like “Who knew we could be this beautiful,” Love, Lust and the Last Resort is reminiscent of a high school journal, reminding readers of the insecurity and regret that often plague young love.

Jessica Rose

Writer, Hamilton Magazine

Editor, Hamilton Review of Books

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Sanctuary: A Cootes Paradise Writers Anthology

The National Post

The Hamilton Spectator

Vancouver Sun

Tampa Bay Times


Chapter One


Calgary Herald

Montreal Gazette

Hamilton Magazine

Five Minute Literature

The Voices Project

Niagara News


The Short Works Prize for Writing (Finalist)

Speaking Engagements









Student Writer's Workshop (McMaster University)

Student Writer's Workshop (McMaster University)

Student Writer's Workshop (McMaster University)

Mable Pugh Taylor Writer-in-Residence Reception (University Club)

Student Writer's Workshop (McMaster University)

Sanctuary Book Launch (David Braley Health Sciences Building) 

Celebration of Poetry (Central Branch, Hamilton Public Library)

Student Writer's Workshop (McMaster University)

Writing Influences

Jim Morrison ... Jack Kerouac ...

Bob Dylan ... Jarvis Cocker ... Haruki Murakami ... Charles Burkowski ... Leonard Cohen ... Cookie Mueller ... Hemingway ... Morrissey ... John Lennon ... Rupi Kaur ... Walt Witman ... Alex Turner ... Paul McCartney

(Some) Favourite Literature

High Fidelity  (Nick Hornby)

On The Road  (Jack Kerouac)

French Exit  (Patrick Dewitt)

Less  (Andrew Sean Greer)

All That Is Man  (David Szalay)

Suzanne  (Anais Barbeau-Lavalette)

After Dark  (Haruki Murakami)

The Girls  (Emma Cline)

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas (Hunter S. Thompson)

My Year of Rest & Relaxation  (Ottessa Moshfegh)

The Sun Also Rises  (Ernest Hemingway)

Marvels  (Kurt Busiek) [1994]

The Talented Mr. Ripley (Patricia Highsmith)

Just Kids (Patti Smith)

Breakfast at Tiffany's (Truman Capote)

I Hold a Wolf by the Ears (Laura Van Den Berg)

Sideways (Rex Pickett)

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